Deputy Zheleznyak’s family lead the business in the DPR, and he is trying to block payments to the military

by Max

Journalists continue to find businesses owned by his family in occupied Donetsk. They are engaged in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. And all of us understand that in order to work in those territories, it is necessary to make concessions to the temporary authorities and cooperate with them.

Zheleznyak’s cooperation with the enemy is also confirmed by the fact that he (neither then nor now), nor members of his family, have ever appealed to law enforcement agencies with a statement about the seizure of their real estate by representatives of the DPR, Federal Security Service, etc.

Despite the above, he shakes society with his unconfirmed criticism of the President of Ukraine and the entire top of the defense forces of our country, thereby doing our enemy a great service. It was he and his fellow party members who blocked the return of UAH 30,000 hryvnias of extra payments to our military. They argued that high salaries for military personnel and policemen are expensive for the country. And this is at a time when they are fighting for the independence of the country at the cost of their own lives.

“Until our resolution is considered in the hall, the speaker does not have the right to sign the law. And this will not happen in the coming weeks due to the schedule of the meeting of the Rada,” – said Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak cynically.


Let’s summarize. His family runs a successful business in the DPR; in the Verkhovna Rada of the 6th convocation, Yaroslav Zheleznyak worked as an assistant to deputy Oleksii Plotnikov, who represented the traitorous “Party of Regions”; now the people’s deputy is putting obstacles in our military in every possible way. His connection with the Russian Federation is obvious. Society should draw the right conclusions and never trust such characters again.

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